Here at UK Tinting Solutions we pride ourselves on being able to tackle any job, any size and regardless of how high off the ground!

We were recently called in by Anytime Fitness at Lawley to help solve the problem of rising temperatures and energy costs at its gym covered by a large expanse of glass.

An additional problem was the height of the building at the front but it was something we were well able to tackle.

UK Tinting Solutions managing director Duncan Richards said: “We are probably better known for our work in tinting windows on vehicles but our team has all the expertise needed to tackle buildings as well.

“Tinting the windows of your home or business can reduce heat from the Sun by 85 per cent and cut the UV light by 99 per cent. It is also extremely effective in reducing glare by up to 95 per cent.

“Tinting ensures privacy during the day and reduces energy costs to homes and businesses by maintaining a consistent balanced climate. It also makes for a more comfortable environment.

“This was a major issue at Anytime Fitness. They were looking to reduce air conditioning costs as well as making it a more comfortable experience for customers. The huge amount of glass in the building turned it into something akin to a greenhouse.

“We installed a solar film across many of the windows and the gym noticed a dramatic effect almost immediately. The gym users are certainly much happier with the new cooler environment. Anytime Fitness is now looking at using us to tint more of the windows in the building.

“Reducing air conditioning costs was our main aim here as the south facing windows were letting in so much heat.

“Vehicle window tinting is a speciality of ours but building installations have become a key part of our business in recent years and it’s really great to see a fantastic looking building like Anytime Fitness benefit from our work.

“For more information about what we can do for you, whether it be for vehicles or buildings please telephone 01952 350410. We are ready to help.”