Protect with an Autoshine PPF package

PPF - Paint Protection Film - The only way to protect your pride and joy and investment.

Being Xpel and Suntek trained and accredited, we are able to provide the very latest PPF films as well as experience and know-how for the perfect install.

Being established in the paint protection film industry for over a decade, we have witnessed huge advances in the films we’re able to provide our clients.

In the early 2000’s, PPF although good, was a totally different product to what we have available today, with the most noticeable advance being the self healing properties.

Our portfolio of vehicles is extensive, and we have experience with the most exclusive vehicles on the planet.

From our purpose built facilities in Telford, we are strategically located to serve customers throughout the UK. Great Motorway and Train connections, coupled up with our complimentary courtesy cars, have enabled us to provide the best service in the industry.

We are a business built on great work and great relationships and have an immense passion for what we do.

Self healing properties, what does that mean then?

Once light scratches and chips have been sustained, heat from sun light as well as from the engine, repair the film back to its original swirl free appearance, making your paint look like glass. For more serious damage, hot water can be poured over the damage and you can watch it disappear.

There are so many films out there, how do I know which is best?

We have researched and tested films from all of the leading manufacturers. Although mostly good, all are different. For us, we now believe none can equal or beat Xpel Ultimate Plus. For glass like appearance, protection from damage and accurate computer templates, this is now our go-to film.

Not the cheapest, in fact it’s probably the opposite, but for us it’s all about results and longevity, and as we’re aiming to install PPF to all your vehicles for years to come, we’re most comfortable installing Xpel.

Will you be cutting the film on my car?

With the latest in technology all in house, we have a dedicated production department that computer cuts our PPF patterns ensuring our install team have the perfect sized pattern to fit to your vehicle, that way no cutting is required on the vehicle.

This is one of the many advantages of us being an accredited Xpel Dealer, as Xpel have by far the most accurate templates that cover the widest variety of vehicles.

My paint work isn’t perfect, are you going to remove scratches before you apply the film?

Yes. here’s what all our packages include as standard:

- Full vehicle safe wash using 2 bucket method

- Iron Decontamination of entire vehicle

- Tar and Glue removal

- Clay bar of all panels being protected

- Single stage machine polish of all panels being protected

- Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus PPF in our purpose built facilities - Vehicle lifts are used so film can be installed at eye level for unrivaled quality

- Close inspection of every aspect of install

2 week inspection - When you collect our vehicle from us that is not the end of your Autoshine experience.. After 2 weeks, on a day to suit you, we ask for you to return the vehicle to us for 3 -4 hours where your welcome again to use our courtesy car.
At this point we safe wash your vehicle, then inspect each edge of the film on our vehicle lifts to ensure the film has adjusted correctly in the outdoor temperature and everything is curing as it should.

What warranty does the film come with?

Xpel Ultimate Plus film comes with a 5 year warranty when installed by one of there accredited dealers, like us.

How do I clean my vehicle with PPF installed?

Firstly, we recommend cleaning it your self. A power washer can still be used, but we ask for you to keep the nozzle at least 1 meter away. Apart from that, the process is pretty standard.

We are happy to protect what ever you require, but to make life easier we have put together some popular packages below.

When deciding which package to go for, obviously we all want the whole car protecting, but managing budget with investment, and also how you plan on using the vehicle is crucial, we will always give you our honest open advice if you require it, so please ask.

Autoshine & Tinting Ltd are an established business with a fantastic team ensuring your vehicle gets the very best care and attention. From Samantha in Customer Service, to the team led by our Managing Director Duncan, we can promise from start to finish that you and your car will receive the very best treatment rivaled by no one.

Have that dream car? Scared to drive it sometimes? Let us take that worry away!

Our Packages:

Please note, prices below are prices from, but please rest assured….. Our prices NEVER vary depending on how much your vehicle is worth, but rather how much Paint Protection Film it will require and how technical the panels are to install too.

Please get in touch now for a no obligation accurate quote.

“The essential” Priced from £600.00 - Designed to protect the most vulnerable areas while keeping prices low

Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus to: Front bumper, Headlights, Front section of Bonnet, Front section of wings

“Full Front” Priced from £950.00 - For those who want essential protection and full panel coverage, while keeping prices sensible

Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus to: Front bumper, Headlights, Complete Bonnet, Complete front Wings,

“Full Front PLUS” Priced from £1250.00 - Our most popular option, for those who want protection of all vulnerable areas without the expense of full coverage.

Installation of Xpel Ultimate Plus to: Front bumper, Headlights, Complete Bonnet, Complete front Wings, Side Skirts, Rear bumper arches, Wing Mirrors, A pillars, Front section of Roof, Door handles.

Complete PPF Priced from £2700.00

Full coverage of all external panels.

A very popular option for our customers today, provides total peace of mind so you can use the vehicle for what it was designed to do. Park in public car parks without worry.