Along with our Sister company UK Tinting Solutions Ltd, we offer our customers a unique window film for Conservatory roofs and side windows.

Our industry leading Window Films are the only choice to turn an sometimes unusable room into a fully functioning part of the house.

Conservatories are often a great addition to any home. However, they can be cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, meaning the space can often be neglected.

Using window blinds may be an option for some. However, they are often expensive. Plus they block your view – defeating the point of having a room filled with lovely glass.

Window film provides a solution to this problem. Often half the price of quality Conservatory Window Blinds, our unique window film comes with a minimum 10 year warranty. Once fitted it requires no extra maintenance.

Get in touch with our expert team today to arrange a totally free survey where we can offer you the best advice. We also stock a wide variety of films from leading manufacturers including 3M, Solargard, Llumar and Suntek.

Let’s make that conservatory into part of your home!

Specially designed to:

  • Reduce Room Temperature
  • Reduce Sun Glare
  • Retain all Important Daylight
  • Blocks Harmful UV – Prevents Upholstery from Fading

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