Automotive Window Tinting Price Information

Here at Autoshine and Tinting we have a very open and honest statement when it comes to our prices : we are not the cheapest but this is because we don’t do cheap work.

We are however extremely competitive when compared to the few other good quality professional window tinting companies out there.

Each and every window film installation we do is the result of over 15 years’ experience and experience is the main thing you need to take in to account when it comes to window tinting and choosing the right company for you, the company that you’re going to trust to work on your vehicle!

We’ve seen so many shockingly awful installations over the years it is hard to believe.

For some, before having us professionally install film for them, it’s simply a case that after seeing the pre-cut kits that are commonly sold on eBay and reading the seller describe how easy they are to install. They’ve been misled in to buying them, then realised it’s not as easy as the seller has made out. If your not happy with the results you have achieved with the film, then remove the film as soon as possible and don’t leave to dry.

For others, and unfortunately many, they’ve been misled by a company claiming to be professional and tinting for years when in reality this isn’t the case. There are several companies out there tinting complete cars for under £100 and this is simply an unrealistic price if you’re expecting a high quality professional job, after all we don’t charge what we charge because we just want to get rich, we do it as this is what we need to charge to stay in business after paying for things such as insurances, the correct tools to work on your vehicle and most importantly, the best window film we can find on the market. We could increase our profit margin greatly if we bought a cheaper film to use, but the way we see it, this will only be short term profit growth as customers wouldn’t return to us like they do and then eventually we’d end up going out of business.

The company who may appear to save you £10 - £30 initially could end up costing you a lot more in the future.

To get an accurate quote to install privacy film to your specific vehicle then please get in touch via email or telephone and we’ll be happy to help. Prices vary from a 3 door hatch backs up to large four wheel drives, as each quote reflects how many windows the vehicle has, the size of windows and of course how difficult the vehicle is to install to.

We look forward to exceeding your highest of expectations!

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