Vehicle Window Tinting and the Law

As of 1st January 2004, new legislation restricted the tinting of certain car windows.

The new law was put in place as fears were growing that excessively dark tinted windows were restricting visibility in a dangerous manner.

Which windows does the law prevent from being tinted?

In the UK the law states that the front door windows must allow 70% of light to pass through them, and the windscreen must allow 75%.

What the law doesn’t mention which often confuses people, is almost every car has this level of tint in them already without any window film on them. This level of tint is barely noticeable, a good technique to see it is to look at a white cloud through your window, often your window will make the cloud look slightly green.

If any of these windows are tinted to a point whereby they let through less light, then the vehicle does not meet legal requirements.

So what can we tint?

No law applies to the tinting of windows behind the front doors, they can be as dark as you choose.

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